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Yeti Finance is a cross-margin lending protocol on Avalanche that allows users to borrow up to 21x against their portfolio of LP tokens, staked assets such as sJOE and sAVAX, and yield-bearing stablecoins in a single debt position for 0% interest.


veYETI can be be used for four things: (1) Boosting $YETI rewards for stability pool staking (2) Boosting $YETI rewards for liquidity providing for YUSD. (3) Reducing the protocol’s cut of yield on deposited assets (YUSD rebates) (4) Getting access to special strategies like Pandora's box (aUST-Anchor).The veYETI model is designed to incentivize users to accumulate and stake $YETI through providing real utility to farmers and protocol users. When you unstake YETI, you lose your veYETI balance, similar to vePTP and veJOE.


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